• Sales & Purchases Management
  • Stock & Inventory Management System
  • Supply Chain & Vendor Management
  • Production Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligent | Dashboard
  • Project Management
  • Finance & Accounting

What is EBI-ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning

EBI-ERP is a category of business systems forming the primary transaction processing across multiple business functions or business units and the core processes needed to run a company: accounting, customer order processing, production, supply chain, services, procurement, inventory management, business analysis and more. EBI-ERP is a solution that integrate multi processes into a single system which can provide an intelligence, efficiency, visibility & analytics to multiple businesses. With this system, management are able make a proper and accurate decision to manage the business performance well.


EBI-ERP is a powerful tool on managing your business data from frontline to back-end wisely for various business analysis and strategic planning to achieve greater heights of your business.



Easily manage multiple Branches from one office with fully auto data merge.

CRM / Membership

Package / Prepaid membership with flexible user defined configuration.


Higly automated commission system for different staff or services.

Inventory Control

PO, DO, Invoices, GRN, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, Costing etc.

Business Intelligence

Powerful analysis tool. Gain insight into business performance to help making better decision.

Marketing Tool

Email blast, birthday notification, automatic promotion detection etc.

Appointment Book

Easily and effectively manage customers appoinment to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer History

Maintain permanant record on customer spending history and service records.

Full Set Accounting

Account Receivable, Payable, Cash Book, General Ledger etc.

Sales & Purchases Management

  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Order
  • Invoice / Billing
  • Return Inwards
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Received
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Return Outwards

Stock & Inventory Management System

  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Issue
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Transfer
  • Inventory Cost Adjustment
  • Item Management
  • Inventory Ledger/Report
  • Barcode
  • Price Group Management
  • Inventory assembling / dissembling